Everest questions... LPN to RN

U.S.A. Michigan


Ok yeah so I went there for my LPN, got tired of the waiting lists and what not. The program was very intense with many clinical hours. I've been a LPN for 9 months now, love the job :yeah:

my next question anything out there accept the credits? With as much education costs you think anything would transfer. I mean so many new programs popping up I even heard of ITT doing an RN program? I know everest has been around for some time under different names olympia etc.

Lowk3y, how long did it take for you to find employment after you graduated from Everest? And where did you do clinicals if you don't mind me asking. If you can't post on here then send me a private message. Thanks

Not even a month.. I worked at Laurals just outside of Grand Rapids in Wayland.. they let me go 2 months later (their training sucked!! 4 days training) never trained me on admits only 45 min worth. Then I had 4 admits 2 days.. and needless to say they let me go cause of that.

I work at Dimondale Nursing Care Center, I like it there, training was 10-12 days can't remember. But it was phenominal compared to Laurals... night and day difference! Dimondale's giving out bonuses for RN's and LPN's too

Ok glad to hear that Everest worked for you. Was the pay what you expected it to be?

yeah, I was an aide for 3 years. I figured do the aide stuff to see if nursing was my thing. I can't argue the pay 20/hr :) and I'll be starting the RN program at some college soon. The pay rate will go up to 26/hr.

All and all when I was an aide I made 13.50 and now 20.

Not sure if being a guy helps being hired too.. not to many guys when it comes to nurses, but it sure is changing

Well thats good. Which Everest did you attend? My sister-in-law just got started at the one in Southfield. She says that she feels like she's teaching herself. If thats the case, its not cool and she's paying $30,000! I hope it gets better for her.

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