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They are located in Reistertown. I know they have been around for a long time as a scholarship coordinator (I suppose that's the term) but they require A LOT of personal info in their application-like a copy of our tax returns.

Is this typical? Doe sit sound legit? What is a good way to check them out?


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I would investigate them before I gave them my personal info. There are a lot of scholarship scam companies out there and the name of this one just sounds shady to me. Even the FAFSA only requires that you enter tax info, not provide the return, if I remember right. Check with the financial aid office at your school to see if this company is legit.


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As President of Central Scholarship Bureau , I occasionally scan the web to view comments relating to our organization. In doing so I came across the above question.

Feel free to check us out ,but I can tell you we are for real !! We are probably Baltimore's best kept secret , but we are hoping to change that. This year we are celebrating our "85th" anniversary.

Last year we made "interest free" loans and grants of approximately $1,600,000. This year unfortunately, because of the economy ,we are l limited to $ 1,000,000 in interest free loans and grants . We did receive approximately 2,200 in requests this year.

I hope this answers your questions. By the way we do have programs for nurses


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to the OPdid you check-out the company. I am looking for scholarships and grants and an assistance would be helpful. If you find out if they are legit please send me a private message so I can apply. thanks alot and good luck. Another thing is if you find any information on schalrships and grants please feel free to drop me a line.


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I decided against it, in the end. I had all the paperwork together, and just didn't feel right sending off all the personal information they requested. I might regret it a bit, because my scholarships from last year were cut somewhat due to decreased funding. I am currently waiting to hear from MHEC re: their workforce shortage grant. It requires a year of service for each year monies are received, and awards are based on merit and need. I think everything is closed out for this year 09-10, but if you're looking for next year, check it out. just google MHEC-it is Maryland Higher Education Commission.

Another reason I'm sooooo glad I didn't choose the way more expensive private school route! :)

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