Hello To All. I Am A New Resident To Florida And I Find That I Now Need To Get A Certification In Iv Therapy. Where Can I Get This?

Also What Ceu's Do I Need To Get Before I Have To Renew By Endorsement? Any Information Anyone Has Is Greatly Apreciated!

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In this forum there is several links to the FBON and everything you ask is listed there in regards to endorsement and ceu requirements. Cost is $212.00 for application. Does require fingerprinting also (about $3-5.00) at your local PD. You have to request the fingerprint card seperately from the application from the Florida BON as they have their own. Be sure you at least have the required ceu's for medical errors, domestic violence and HIV/AIDS before you apply. I did them quickly online as I just got mine by endorsement in July for Florida. For licensure verification check NursSys to see if your previous state is on it, if not call them and find out what they charge for the verification to be sent to florida. Just about everything you need is online with exception of the fingerprint card.

IV cert depends on where you are and who you work for. Most hospitals will take care of this if needed. If you just want to get it out of the way check your local community colleges. I know Daytona Beach Community College offers one for $270.00. Check for your BCLS for health care providers through your local fire department. I found takes much less time to do through them also then at the community college.

Hope this helps, good luck and welcome to Florida.

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