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Evansville. Deaconness or St. Mary's

I will be moving to southern Indiana and would like any info on these two facilities, such as, acuity, pay, benefits, and working atmosphere. I'm an RN with 10 years experience.



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I'm from E'ville, and know both facilities pretty well. My mom has worked at

Deaconness FOREVER and I was born there, so I am pretty partial to it. I have a couple of non-nursing buds who work at St Mary's. Both facilities are well run, clean, depends on the dept as to nurse/pt ratio, so that you will have to ask during an interview. Good luck on your move!


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I have worked for Deaconess and they treat their employees well. I was pretty happy with the pay and the benefits are good if you live in Evansville. I live about an hour away ao the benefits didn't cover much in my area. I don't know much about St. Mary's but I hear the pay, benefits, etc are pretty similar there. Good luck!

I recently moved here and interviewed with both. I was offered a position at both facilities and chose St. Mary's Medical Center. I liked their mission, and how much they care about their employees. The pay was comparable at both places, as were the benefits. I don't regret it at all. I work with nurses that work at both places, and they say there are pros and cons at both. I think it just depends on your own personal preference. Good luck to you!

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