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Evaluation for RN in NYS for a foreign student

Julia_sh Julia_sh (New) New

Hello everyone.

Im a foreign educated nurse. Trying to get my lisence thru NY. I went thru CGFNS and all the paperwork is already send to the NYS. Have been waiting for the response from them for a year now, YES, FOR A YEAR!!!. I called them, email them , they always say we are processing your papers. Now they send me email saying we send your papers to the Burea of Comparative Education ? How much longer do I have to wait ? I don't think it took this long for anyone else !! Please give me some advise .

Suggest you use the search tool in the top right hand corner to see if their are previous threads regarding education being assessed by the bureau of comparative education.

Silverdragon102, BSN

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A year is too much.... CGFNS are required after 6 months to send everything to NY BON for them to do their assessment. I think this is what they are doing now and most get an answer within 1-2 months. Have you submitted your application to the NY BON?

I don't have problem with the CGFNS. My papers were ready in 3 month and send to NY BON. Right away I send the Form 1, child abuse and infection control to BON. And since then I have been waiting a year. What takes it so long is the NY BON. And I don't know why.. I wander if it took so long for anyone else too?

And a month ago they send an email saying it's in Burea of Comparative Education.. Which I don't know what it means.

Thank you so much for the responses .

Julia_sh, how's it going now? I'm also in the same stage. NYSED received my papers June 12. Papers are now with COMPED. I don't know how long it's going to take before I'll receive ATT.


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