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Evaluation question


Just took the HESI exam today. I made a 93% overall, with a 96% in math, and 92% for grammar, vocab, and reading section. My issue, however, is the sub-categories in the reading section. I made a 100% on word meaning and understanding, but a 57% on the "conclusions" portion. Does this mean I'll need to retake the exam?! Did I fail a portion, or is the average of the reading portion (being a 92%) all that really matters?

I'm so frustrated because out of the 50 reading comprehension questions, only 7 were about finding the conclusions! So, in total, to make a 57% on it, I missed probably 4 of them, but made a 100% on the rest! So, I only missed 4 questions on the entire section, they all just happen to be the conclusion questions.

You will have to ask the college you will apply. My college requires at least 70% of each subject, but it is ok if we don't get more than 70% in some parts of the reading comprehension. We can apply to the program as long as total score of reading higher than 70% . I have heard that conclusion is a hardest part. I don't think you have to retake the test,but check with the nursing faculty again. By the way, you did really good for the overall reading comprehension. I'm going to take the test in next 2 days. Reading comprehension is my biggest worry. It is really difficult to study for this part. Could you tell me how did you study for reading comprehension?

I got a 90 overall on reading but a 100 on word meaning. My lowest was also a 77 on conclusion. I emailed the coordinator and she said my application materials were all complete, so I don't think the breakdown matters for my school. Feel free to double check with the admissions coordinator. They may take the breakdown into consideration if there was a tie, maybe, but I can't it matters too much. Plus who knows how conclusion is weighted.

I agree. Conclusions were stupid. Damn, the whole thing was stupid. Sigh.

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I'm also worried about the reading comphrension part. I'm learning keywords and clue words that *hint* the "conclusion" type words such as "therefore, so, etc"

Their is a youtube video called "how to tackle reading comphrension" by gmatprep.