ethical issues and dilemmas

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with regards to ethical dilemmas i am in a little dilemma what to do in my situation:

maria, a fifteen year old girl, is visiting a health clinic accompanied by

her mother. they are initially seen to by doris a nurse. her mother diane

is very upset and anxious since her daughter is looking and feeling very

week. she has not been eating appropriately and has vomited several times in

the past week.

as soon as diane leaves the room to answer an urgent call, maria discloses

that she is afraid that she might be pregnant and does not want her mother

to find out since she would be very cross and probably against the suspected

pregnancy. diane enters the room and asks doris for her professional help.

what in your opinion should be the correct course of action that doris

should be taking?

how should come to a conclusion please?



Im not sure, but I think by law, the nurse is not allowed to tell the mother. Last year, my daughter was going through some things and her doctor told me she could not release results of drug tests/pregnancy test unless my daughter gives her permission to. This is in California. I think the nurse should respect the daughter's wishes but explain why it would be best to come clean to her mother.

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