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hi ya everyone!!

i have been a floor nurse on a 28 bed renal/urology/kidney transplant unit for 6 years, and all in all i like my job, but i do find taht as a group, ESRD pts are so so sick they are depressing... it is hard to see the same ones come in all the time in fluid overload, get more of their lower extremities chopped off b/c of PVD, etc.....

last week a found a pt who was on fluid restriction (and blind from retinopathy, and on a tube feeding with a G tube from gastroparesis) on his knees in the bathroom with his gtube totally stretched (still connected to the pump--- i believe in TAPE) drinking from the toilet. it was so pathetic it was funny.... ya gotta laugh sometimes when you work with this population cause you would be depressed if you didn't find the humor......

i like these pts cause they change so quickly with their lytes you have to be topnotch at assessment when they are not on monitors.

anyone else have any good stories?



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Hi Karen, good to meet you.

I also work on a renal/urology/kidney transplant unit, we have 24 beds. I have worked there for a little over 6 mths now. And honestly I have had the most wonderful time, and have learned more than I ever expected. Our patients are very sick, very complicated, and very thankful.

One story that comes to mind is about a gentlemen I see frequently on our floor, he has rejected his transplanted kidney. He is a very religious man and has accepted his illness and return to dialysis. He is very uplifting to talk to, but is not pushy with his beliefs. The last time he was hospitalized I was assigned to him along with a lady who was very depressed, she was just told her transplant was failing. We talked for a while and she explained to me that she 'used to be in church, but can't find her way back.'

Now I myself am not a overly religious person and could not come up with the words she needed to hear. Later I went back to the gentlemen's room, explained to him about the lady just across the hall. He was excited about talking with her. Anyway they talked and laughed all through the night and the next morning the lady thanked me sending him her was, and that was the most inspiring night she had ever had, and now knew that she was going to be alright.



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I work outpatient dialysis and we hear some good one's Luckily, I can still pee because if I couldn't it would hurt.. One patient told us that she puts crackers in her soup so there won't be any "water" left she also told me one time that she was not drinking too much.. but that she sure does love WATERmelon... Go figure....These patients are so much fun really.. Of course, I see them in a different setting than you do.. They are more stable except when I am in charge and I am known as 911.. Bad thing is I've only been in charge for 2 days and called three times Sorry to send them to you We miss them ( sometimes)...

May the sun shine brightly on you, in peace, and may the wind be always at your back or something like that....

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