ESFJ?? Personality type and nursing speciality


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ESFJ personality type here! Extrovert, sensitivity, feeling, judgement

I'm currently working as an LPN in long term care and am in school for my RN. The type of nursing I'm doing now doesn't fulfill my goals of using my practical skills. I'm looking at options for a different specialty as a new grad. Just curious if there are any ESFJ personality types working in the ICU out there! And what nursing speciality would you recommend for this personality type as a new grad?


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I am an INFP and I am really struggling with nursing. I wish I was an accountant so badly ? of course I looked on a personality page that said "infp careers to avoid: nursing" lmaooooo I guess they're right. As an ESFJ I think you are the model nurse. Especially with your sensing abilities (I'm very jealous of that) I think you can succeed in anything in the nursing field!!


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I think the great thing about nursing is that there's so many directions you can go! Don't give up yet. And thank you for your kind words.