Eschar on new 2nd degree burns


Hello all, a family member of mine recently suffered 2nd degree/partial thickness burns from hot water. It has been treated with aquacell for most of it, but in some areas it didn't stick. It was determined that the burns did not become deeper with time (no 3rd degree). One particular area that the aqualcell didn't adehere to now has eschar. It is white, no blanching to touch or anything. The NP treating the wound took a damp wash cloth to the area to clean and debrid it. She stated that debridment with the wash cloth frequently during the day should help it fall off and stimulate new granulation tissue. After taking the wash cloth to it, I apply sylvedine and cover it with xeroform and gauze over the xeroform to help it stay in place. We have been following her instructions now on an outpatient basis, but the area is still white as can be and I swear one spot looks even more discolored, like a light grey. Could I be rubbing this area too many times during the day and making it worse? How would I know if it is getting better or worse and when should I worry...Also there is no pain to the area that is completely white, there is however to the surrounding pink tissue around it. I appreciate any and all input. Thanks in advance...:)


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Is your family member being treated at a burn center? If you are not happy with the treatment so far ask for transfer to a verified ABA burn center.

Best of luck

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I'm sorry, but the members of are unable to answer your medical questions.

Please have your family member stay in close contact with the healthcare provider.

Good luck and we hope all is healed soon.

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