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My wife will become an RN next May and we both agree we are getting out of Minnesota after that summer. it is May 25th today and it's about 55 degrees. The past 5 days have been like this or colder, with rain and clouds all the time. It's almost June for God's sake!

What we do NOT agree on is where to move TO.

She knows nothing about cost of living, finances, etc. All she wants is to move back to Southern CA where she lived in the 90's when she was single and rented a place to live. Now we are married with 2 boys age 2 or under, and we own a typical MN home worth about $225,000. In San Diego, this home would cost $750,000. She has no clue about what that means.


However I know in many cities in FL (and Dallas,TX, my other choice), a nice new home can easily be built/bought for $250-$300K. That much gets us a mobile home at best in Southern CA. :uhoh21:

I prefer the Fort Myers, or West Palm Beach, or Bradenton areas, or anything else along the Gulf, south of Tampa-St. Pete. Cape Coral, etc...are there any affordable (new home under $400K) areas in the Miami suburbs ?

Weather is a key of course for us both, but schools are as well. My wife is Asian so Japanese food his my best hope for selling her on Florida, as well as any possible Chinese areas. I just want to golf and play tennis year-round so Chinese, white, black, Latino, European, it doesn't matter to me.

Her friends and mine say no to Florida. They say the only people who move to Florida are people getting ready to die, old people. Funny maybe but not true for sure. Half of the PGA Tour and pro Tennis players live there.

Any Florida adive, selling points, area info, RN pay, anything to sell this cheaper and warmer state over $an Diego is appreciated !

Aloha, Brian

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Be forwarned, while cheaper COL than California, Florida has won the dubious recognition as being the lousiest paying state in the US on this BB. It also has the slowest bureaucratic BON, so apply for licensure as soon as you know that you are going there.


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Personally I LOVE Florida. I grew up in Michigan in the big pay area of Detroit. Coming to Florida where the wages are lower was quite a shock. However the cost of living is very low compared to other areas of the country. I live on the SW coast which is a lot mellower than the East coast. In general folks from new england and new york migrate to the east coast. Thise from Mich and the midwest follow I75 straight down and come to the SW coast. The weather is nice. For $400,000 you should be able to buy a nice, newer three or four bedroom home, with an inground heated pool, hot tub and canal frontage which goes out to the gulf no problem.

In general the hospitals handle a lot of geriatrics. But you know what? They are really nice. Old folks in Florida just remain healthier longer because they are more active. You get more of them in in their 90's in from dancing accidents or golfing accidents or biking accidents. Yes there are the other diseases but you get that any where.

The crime rate here is relatively low. Perhaps from all the geriatrics around, not many of them join gangs.

There is a nice mix of all nationalities here as anywhere. I find that folks are just happy here.

If your into fishing there is some of the best in the world here. There is scuba diving readily available. Golfing is a year round thing here.

Life is too short to put up with only 4 months of sunshine! Ice belongs in a glass with a drink around it, you shouldnt be stepping on it.

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