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Error with my Course Map!!


In the fall of 2011 I was given a course map by an Adviser or what ever their titles are....On Sunday...only because I asked a question to my NEW Adviser about my course map....I recieved a Map with a core course that I wasn't told about before that was needed. I have transcripts from like 4 schools being combined so I wasn't aware of the difference between the requirments at my other core and UTA. I figure that is their job and someone should have picked it up.

Now I'm scrambling. I figured this out on my own becaues she never answered my email questioning this conflict in Maps. If she had returned my email I might have been able to get into a course that started monday. It's now Tuesday night and the class is closed. There isn't an online class available this summer and I'm supposed to finish in Aug.

So, first thing tomorrow I'm calling her tomorrow....I'm so frustrated....