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ER Tech Moving to New State for New Grad Program - When Can I Tell People?

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So I'm an ER Tech in Southern California right now. I'm just finishing nursing school and have accepted a new grad RN spot in a different state. The program starts mid-July, and I'm planning to move late June.

I wasn't expecting to put in my official notice of resignation until early June, that way I can give them one month notice; however, when can I be more open about telling people that I'm leaving? A lot of people I work with are asking me about working at my current hospital as an RN since I'm graduating, and I don't want to lie, but I'm not sure if I'm blatantly open about moving to a different state a couple months before my actual move, if it'd negatively affect me. My other concern is with COVID-19, if for some reason the other hospital cancels or delays the new grad program and I wanted to try and take a job at my current hospital then, they'd deny me because they knew I was going to move.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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