ER/Psychiatric Nurses pleases help


Hello friends,

I have been an ER nurse for about 6 years and recently accepted a new position as a nurse to focus on our psychiatric population.  I am being hired to better the experience for this population and I am looking for any and all safe activities you might recommend.  Sometimes these patients are waiting in the department for days waiting for a psych bed to open, usually they have a television and a person sitting with them, observing for safety. Understandably, it can be both intimidating and upsetting especially for days on end. So far I’ve come up with ideas such as cards, checkers, maybe some adult coloring books, uno, mad libs, playing “would you rather”. I am trying to lessen the intimidation factor and maybe help get their mind off their situation if they’d like. My boss suggested maybe an iPad, but I can picture someone throwing it and it is quite expensive and I feel that for all that money there must be better things that can be provided. Also, we do not allow cell phone use- another reason the iPad may be tricky. Please help!


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How/where do they sleep?