ER nurse questions


Hey All,

I am wondering a couple of things...

First, how intense and straining is working in the ED on your back compared to the floor?

Secondly, how much of the psych population do you see?

I am currently a psych nurse in school for my pmhnp but was offered a dream interview in the ED (I applied months ago).

I am wondering if work experience in the ED would make me more useful in the end?


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I work in a busy level 1 trauma, I estimate 10% of my patients are psych/SI/TI/ETOH. I work day shift. Nights, I believe the percentage to be a little more. I do not find working in the ED to be straining on my back, I use good body mechanics like raising the bed to the appropriate height when starting an IV. The same when I worked on the floor.

As far as if the ED experience would make you more useful, it depends what you want out of your career. I love the ED. Every day is different and I am constantly learning.


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I do nights and am new. 60% is behavioral. Back is fine as long as you protect yourself. 99% of ed nursing seems to be putting out fires. Big difference from icu nursing even though we do get icu type patients.

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