ER new grad program questions


I've got a couple questions maybe someone here can help me get my mind right. I'm a student right now and my end goal on graduation is to get into one of the ER new grad programs here in San Diego. I've heard that they are fairly easy to get into with a decent GPA and a strong resume. I've also heard that it would be easier for me to turn beer into gasoline that get into one of those. Which is it? My big plan was to get a part time gig as an ER tech (I'm currently an EMT) to pad out my resume a little and be more appealing for one of those programs. Only problem with that is getting into a tech position is only slightly easier than brewing gasoline from beer. I'm finding that when hospitals advertise for a casual or per diem gig, what they really want is constantly available. It could work if only I didnt have those pesky classes and "stuff" cutting into my time. So much for that plan.

My other question, is how crucial is the new grad program as far as getting an ER position right out of school. This is where my experience is, and so far I havent found anything that is as appealing to me. is it do-able? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



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