Equipment troubleshooting tips


So what kind of troubleshooting algorithim do you guys go through? Do you rely on someone else (Biomedical technician)?

What tips do you have?

Here's some of mine.

Make sure it's plugged in both at the outlet and into the machine.

Try turning it on and off (Most issues respond well to simply going through their boot restart I guess the engineers call power cycling).

Bad picture on the monitor? Make sure if you have Digital imaging that your monitor is using this input (all these monitors have VGA, SV, DVI Being the digital one that provides the best picture) Another thing is wipe the end of lens with an alcohol wipe this usually clears up any residual detergent thats caked on (Foggin is a whole other issue hot water or fog out is the answer).

Bipolar cable not working? Try bending the little tabs out a bit so they make better contact on the inside of the generator.

I realize there are systems in place for dealing with these issues but I think you get a lot of Credit for problem shooting on the spot.

BTW ever had an instrument stick? Open a chromic gut suture and pour the preservative liquid thats in it around the stuck part. It works almost every time.


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We do have a technician that troubleshoots/repairs equipment. If i can't fix it then i call him. Usually turning equipment on/off fixes the problem or making sure the plug is all the way in. I have also done the bipolar cable thing. We always have trouble with our laparoscopic towers. If its not the scope, camera cord its the camera box or light source.


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Actually this a gripe more than anything, but why the heck did they design these cords to pulled out from the back of the machine. I can't count how many times I've gone to flip a machine on and had that be loose.


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Ever run over a cable as you were moving a bed, CARM, Monitor tower? It's for ease of replacement. Before you had to have Biomed take the equipment or send it out to be repaired because of a cord problem.

Truth is thats another common problem the cord simply pulls out, actually I think Valley Lab has a nice bracket that keeps the power plug in place. Though honestly, I wouldn't want everyone to go this route I can't tell you how many times I've had to steal a cable from a piece of equipment we weren't using to prevent having to delay and hunt another down.


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ahhh that makes sense!


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Also make sure no cables are lose on the connections to the cautery, montitor, light source, etc.

Keep an eye out for exposed wires on light cords, scope camera, shaver, harmonic scalpel. Sometimes during cleaning, steam or fluids can damage the exposed fibers.

Try dusting the equipment on the video towers once a week. It has a tendency of getting onto the PCBs which can overheat. Don't rely on Biomed since they may only do their PMs twice a year or so.

Keep track of how old the equipment is. Sometimes age and wear and tear play a factor on the life span of it.

Turn off any equipment when not in use, and if it has a battery, plug it in.


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Oh, another thing that works is if you tie wrap the cords to the unit itself. It lessens the chance of cords or cables becoming loose

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