Entry Level Masters and eventually a NP


Hello everyone!

I am applying to an Entry Level Master's program for Nursing. I know that these programs aren't always looked up to but all I really want is to be an RN. My plan is to get a few years of bedside experience before attempting to become a Nurse Practitioner. My degree will allow me to pursue a Nurse Practitioner job but I really want to get the bedside nursing experience first so that I can be a great Nurse Practitioner. Do you guys think that getting a bedside nurse position will be difficult with this degree? Will hospitals not want to hire me because it's an advanced degree? I plan on e or working in San Diego, CA if that helps. Thank you so much!


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Usually an entry level masters degree program is a masters in nursing with a focus on clinical leadership or some sort of generic masters "specialty". We had one of these programs at a hospital I used to work at and we had no issue hiring these grads because it really wasn't an advanced practice degree. I wouldn't necessarily encourage you to say you definitely want to be a nurse practitioner during your first interview because I am not sure how anyone can be 100% positive they want to be a NP right out of nursing school or before that so as a manager it kind of drives me a little crazy when I am interviewing new grads. I think its ok to say you are interested in that track. I hope this helps!