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  1. Interested in knowing everyone's experience with massage therapy, either Swedish, therapeutic, medical or other. Good or bad? Did you go for physical conditions or for relaxation? Was you therapist state licensed or nationally certified. Was there any way to tell? Thanks

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  3. by   Steph in Boston
    I love getting massges, as well as cranio-sacral therapy. Both my mother and my sister are massage therapists, and both are nationally certified, as well as NY state certified (which has the most difficult certification process of any state). From massage I get relaxation, and it really grounds me. I love being touched -- it really reduces my stress level and makes me feel more comfortable in my body.
  4. by   PsychNurseDee
    I will graduate from massage therapy school on Dec. 16th
    I have been a RN for 17 years, and pursued it as an area of interest after I myself recieved my first massage several months post op for a fractured knee. They accomplished more improvement with my ROM than several months of PT had accomplished, by soft tissue mobilization. I personally hope to use the MT in association/conjunction with psychiatric counselling for my clients when I obtain my Nurse Practioner's licensure. I believe that as a therapist, I provide the level of service my client needs based on assessment. I may start out doing a Swedish style massage, but if I locate trigger points, then I will proceed with more NMT and deep tissue work, with the goal being relief of discomfort and improved mobility.
    In reference to my experience, I was seen my someone who was nationally and state certified as an MT, with specialty certification in NMT, reflexology, and aromatherapy. Their licensure should be posted in their office, and it is certainly your right to ask about credentials and ask to see them.
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  5. by   angel21
    I am a massage therapist. I hold my RN license in IL but have not practiced in 12 yrs. I am currently looking into re-entry but in a different state (GA). Massage therapy can help you relax (swedish) but if you are looking for a treatment, you need to find someone who is certified in Neuromuscular massage. With this massage, you will have attachment sites treated along with the belly of the muscle. Please ask for their credentials. Idealy, they should have graduated from an AMTA recommended school and have taken and passed the National Certification Test. Not all states require the NCT. Some places of businesses dont even have a massage therapist that is certified. ASK, ASK, ASK.

    **Since I am interested in both fields, does anyone out there practice massage as an RN and in a medical facility? How did you get started? Do you recommend it?
  6. by   nurseyperson
    I am an RN and Nationally Registered MT and work thru a clinic/Dr. office/hospital/nursing home combination, but only as a massage therapist. Altho in their system I am also an RN, but don't work as a nurse. So I am a nurse practicing massage in a medical facility, but as a massage therapist. Get it? The doctors order it just like physical therapy, and I decide how to bill it, as massage, neuromuscular therapy, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, depending on what I think they need. The doctor just orders "Therapeutic Medical Massage". They provide me with a room and submit the insurance and take out 20%.
    I had worked on the main doctor and his wife in the clinic, and so I just asked him if he thought it would work. He went to the board and we started it on a trial basis. It has worked well for everyone. I highly recommend it. There can be feast or famine, as I am working on my own, just as I am in my own office, doing the same thing for private pay. Sometimes I catch myself coming and going between my 2 offices!!!

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