What is a fair fee to charge to do assessments?

  1. Greetings:

    I am an LPN in Atlanta and left my $55,000/yr job for the freedom to maximize my earning potential on Tuesday. Although, I started a Real Estate Investment Company which we are doing unbelievably well and I joined a business opportunity that will allow me to make my above salary monthly in Real Estate in about 90 days, effortlessly, my first and true passion is Nursing.

    I was contacted over the weekend by a private owner of a Personal Care Service business (they do non medical private duty care, adl's, companion etc.) to do an assessment for them. I did it yesterday and have no idea what to bill for. Today, I woke up with 2 messages from other owners, which the job I did yesterday referred them to me.

    Any suggestions?


    Does anyone know where I could brush up on my phlebotomy skills and possibly become IV/Phlebotomy certified if that is a requirement in Georgia.
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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    I'm confused...are you a certified professional in any healtcare field?

    Why would a company call you to do an assessment if you are not certified in anything?

    I would also seriously question any investment opportunity that says you can effortlessly exceed $55,000 PER MONTH in 90 days.

    That just comes from working extensively in the business and with investors for the last 10 years.
  4. by   MYRN2016
    Thanks for your reply. I didn't think I needed to be certified in "anything" to do an assessment. The company has a personal home care division that does private duty sitter type services for their clients nothing medical. I reviewed their clients medication list, reviewed all systems, took his vitals, spoke with caregiver about daily routine and set up a service plan for current and future caregivers. This is required by the state of GA every 90 days according to the owner.

    My question about phlebotomy/iv certification had nothing to do with the assessment, I just would like to increase my skill set.

    Sorry to have confused you, I tend to write slower then what my thoughts are.

    Take care.
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  5. by   Agnus
    I am concerned because you state you are an LVN. I know every state is different but in the two states where I have been licensed LVNs do not do assessments per-se. They "collect data" that is they gather information on a patient's physical condition just as an RN does.

    However a true assessment is not done because technically the LVN does not have the education base to interpet her finding to the same level an RN does. (don't want to get into the rn vs lpn debate. Just stating what the Law in at least 2 states says)

    Additionally in both states where I have been licensed an LVN is not allowed to initiate a plan of care though she may contribute to it once it is established by an RN.

    Perhaps the lay owner of this company may not be aware of this. I would check very carefully to find out if this legally is within your scope of practice before proceeding furthur.

    I would charge expenses, And 2-3 X what you would have to make hourly to do this full time. Charge 2-3x because if you are self employed you have to make up for lost benefits, social security, workers comp and malpractice not to mention such things as life health and disability insurance, cost of bookkeeping, and various other business expenses.

    Never ever sell yourself cheap to get work or business as you devalue yourself and every other nurse. You are worth more than you have been led to believe.
  6. by   MYRN2016

    Thanks so much for your response, I actually went to the Office Of Human Recourses today to get the Personal Home Care Provider Application Packet, which included their state regulations. I need to have a full understanding of what is required and if an LPN is able to "collect data". Since, they provide non-medical services, I thought it would be okay, but you are right I need to do my homework, as to not cause any issues with my license. I also thank you for not getting into the whole RN/LPN saga, I am so over that, but definitely understood the need to make the correlation between the LPN's sow and the RN's sow.

    As for the fee, I think $50 to $75 would be fair, and is right in there with my former salary.

    Take care and thanks again.
  7. by   Agnus
    Just off the top of my head with nothing more than instinct to go on your fee range sounds just fine. Now you have to decide on a denfinate fee within that range.
    If you give a range they will pick the lower number. Be brave and give a set number. Remember plumbers (visulize plumber crack) charge a set fee. If thier fee is $75 an hour then you pay $75 per hour. They do not give an option to the buyer to pay less by giving a range.

    You are at least as good as a plumber.

    Here's a hint when you are given a estimate for what a job may cost by any business and they give a range that range is not based on the hourly fee. It is actually based on estimated time and materials to complete the job.

    So if the hourly rate is $75 per hour and they are not sure if it will take an hour or an hour and a half they will give a range of $75 to $113 .

    Generally they know how long a job lasts and give a single figure.

    So if you charge $75 per assessment then charge that.

    So pick a number between 50 and 75. It is ok to start low and work up. In fact it is a very good idea to raise your fee anually.

    Customers balk when you do not raise your fee for a long time and then suddenly raise it. They take it more in stride if you routinely raise it a little on a regular basis.
    You deserve the raise for several reasons. You get better as time goes on; there is inflation; and consistent reliable quality work over time deserves to be compensated.

    You can't blame the company they are not nurses. They are simply trying to comply with what the State has told them needs to be done.

    If the regulation says all you need to do is to "collect data" that is probably ok. IF it says "assess" then find out from your BON where you stand. Also, I would investigate if you can initiate this "service plan"
    I know this is non medical but from the sound of things it sounds like the service plan is based on your nursing assessment of the situation?

    God I hate this it gets so sticky. I don't have the answers. It is so hard sometimes because of the technical legal differences between LVN and RN.
    Gee couldn't you just be an RN and make it simple? Ok Ok I know better to say that.
    I was an LPN prior to getting my RN and I work with many LPNs that I would prefer to have at my side over some RNs.

    What makes it worse is LVN is more variable from state to state than RN.
    RN sop really does not vary much from state to state. LPN/LVN sop varies widely from state to state.
    So check on your state's requirements. You may be perfectly within your sop there and might be out somewhere else.

    Sometimes you can get around things by "hiring" and RN to "oversee" your work. This arrangement might consist of an anual or monthly review of your work so you are in compliance.

    I noticed you did the work first and did not discuss fees up front. This could cause a problem when you come to bill.

    If so you might offer a break on you second exam as a bonus since you did not tell them your fee to start. But then be sure they understand that break only applies to the second exam.

    It is best if you put your fee in writing and discuss it up front from now on.

    Conduct yourself like a business to get the respect of a business.
    Hopefully these people will respect the price you give them and will have no fallout from not quoting a price which they probably never asked for themselves.
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  8. by   3boysejj
    Be sure to look into the tax, social security, etc. issues with this also.