Very interesting! How do u do this???

  1. Hi. I am starting RN school in Jan. I am a second career gal with background in PR, Marketing and Broadcasting. I had no idea that "Entrepreneurs in Nursing" existed or that we could do this. What wonderful news... I have heard there are MANY opportunities in Nursing, but this is great! Wow!

    What are some of the jobs you do? How does one become an entrepreneurial nurse?? What path do you take?? I am getting my BSN. Some of the areas I am interested in are Cardiac, Dermatology and Pediatric Nursing.

    Thanks!! Epona :icon_mrgreen:
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Most have some experience in the nursing field before starting their own business, you need those skills to build on.

    With experience, you develop an idea of what you would like to do and then expand from there. It is best to start the nursing program with open eyes.