Starting With A Vision

  1. Most often, when someone is starting out, I recommend starting with a Business Plan. For Many, this is a monumental undertaking. When I wrote my first Business Plan, I was in an Entrepreneur Class and received feedback.

    A couple of weeks ago, I was involved in a seminar for a new business venture. One of the speakers recommended starting with a vision. Starting with a vision, in retrospect of the speakers suggestion, really is more tangible to the New Entrepreneur. The "nuts and bolts" of the how to remains important of starting a business; that is ultimately why you must, at some point, write the road map of how you plan to get to your goal (a/k/a "The Business Plan").

    I have learned, the first step, in new ventures is always hardest. Often, the first step for me is letting go of the comforts of what I have settled into. For me, in Nursing, each year I do become more Independent.

    My new vision, is in seeing myself very differently in my new role in Nursing. I can talk more about this but I do not want to detract from the topic of this thread, "Starting With a Vision".

    Would anyone care to share their vision? I hope so.
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