Solo Nursing Practice

  1. I ran across this book and website on the internet. I took out information that was not pertinent to the article information and could be viewed as "advertising".

    News Article from Lifedata News Service

    Contact: Jim Huffman

    Why Do Nurses Hate Their Jobs?!

    Nurse Says Health Care Can Still Be A Rewarding, Challenging -- Even Fun -- Career

    (Burlington, NC, May 24, 2001) -- Remember how nursing used to be thought of
    as a challenging and rewarding career choice?
    According to James Huffman, RN, nursing can still be challenging, rewarding,
    even fun. The secret is for nurses to take control of their own professional lives, and
    make their work into what they first envisioned it: a career that helps others, and is also
    rewarding for the nurse.
    Not that it's easy. Jim Huffman has been trying to live that out for most of his professional career, and he admits he's still learning.
    His dream began with what seemed like a contradiction to most people: he wanted to be self-employed, and at the same time he was beginning a nursing career. The public generally thinks in terms of nurses working in hospitals or clinic settings, and has trouble fitting self-employed free-lance work into the mix. "Even my family couldn't figure out what I was trying to do," he recalls.
    So Jim Huffman began living his dream. When he finished nursing school in 1980, he began doing free-lance work, and by the fall of 1982, he was confident enough of his abilities to launch out full-time. So, starting out on Dec. 27, 1982, he began working for himself as free-lance nurse, and he's never looked back.
    Over the years, he realized that many nurses were unhappy with their careers, often feeling trapped, and feeling unable to do anything about it. And he realized that others wanted to know how to do what he has done. There were few books about self-employment in nursing, so he set out to guide others, with his book Dare to Be Free: How to Get Control of Your Time, Your Life, and Your Nursing Career.
    Jim says that the secret is knowing what you want, not just out of your career, but out of life in general, and planning a career in terms of what you want.
    America continues to face an acute shortage of nurses. Part of the solution to that shortage is keeping existing nurses in the profession. Nurses who are happy, satisfied with their careers, and enjoying the rewards of helping people on the road back to better health are a key.

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  3. by   aimeee
    Are you going to order it, Bonnie? Not very expensive for a look anyway. Looks like James has found his way to take control!
  4. by   nightingale
    I am not sure... it looks good.... He suggests first seeing if they have it available at the library and that is what I will do first...

    I have also emailed him to chat about whether I can get the specifics of what I need (from him and or from the book).

    A lot of the book "sounds like" it is preparation to the mindset of solo nursing and I feel I am "there emotionally" and at the point of needing to acquire the how to's of this and that...

    The book is available through and is on my wish list. Sometimes, at the Amazon site, you can preview books by going through several pages of the actual text. What a great option. Unfortunately, this book is not available with text pages to view. The author does speak directly (on his website) to what the different chapters include in his book.

    What I am trying to do on this board lately is post information that I come across. I am not endorsing it but putting it "out there" for those who are interested. I am happy to discuss what I know about any topic I post. I am commited to doing this at a gut level and honest viewpoint; I have come to expect this also from the other posters on this board... particularly those I know and read regularly.

    In peace,