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  1. I have a confession, I have been on another website more then AllNurses lately. Quite honestly, this website, AllNurses, is the very best around. The people, the sapport, the information gained has been tremendous.

    In the area of Entrepreneural Nursing though, another website, delphiforum has been a leader in providing information. Many of you already go there. I was hesitent, until recently, to pay the $3 or so a month for the delux package at delphi; It allows you to edit your posting with spell check etc and some other fluff services not really necessary to post but nice.

    Well, I just read a list of resource information (@ delphi) that I HAVE to share with you. I am into this Entrepreneural thing full force. I rarely agency nurse now unless it is through my S-Corp. For me, the tax advantage and "feel" of being independent is incredible.

    Here is a link I have bookmarked @ delphi:

    The list of resource information is quite lengthy. There is everything there from this website listing to disability insurance company recomendations. There are several companies listed who allow you to subcontract under them as a Vendor or Independent Contractor (IC). I have obtained my own contracts in the Denver area (it has not been that hard, just time consuming).

    Since AllNurses new TOS write up, I feel more comfortable with my own decision to make recomendations and editing or influencing posters as to what is acceptable here on AllNurses.

    Let's grow together.... Had it not been for AllNurses influence, exposure, and sapport of the many friends and colleagues I have met on this board... well I am all the better for it....

    Let me know what you think!
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  3. by   KP RN
    Thank you for letting us know about delphiforums. I'm anxious to read more about it. Certainly, the more people I can contact about my private pay home health nursing business- the BETTER!!