Relocation Phase 1

  1. This post is directed to all for comments and ideas (especially L J)

    I have been wanting to relocate to another community about 350 miles from where I am right now. It is a small community but seems to have it's share of the nursing shortage needs. I am taking a short term travel contract (unfortunately not as a Vendor with mu business) starting next week. I will be there through then end of May working as a floor nurse at the biggest hospital (med/surg ortho).

    My real love in Nursing is HomeHealth. It is my hope that I will be able to adapt An Entrepreneur Business in this new area by Sept./ Oct. I Plan to camp Nurse in July in the general area.

    Foot Care sounds great. I bet the need is everywhere for more services for diabetes and others in this area. Do I have to have a pedicure education? As far as a certification. I am sure it depends on State Regulations but I am throughing this out there for all to help me and really "see" thewalk through process.

    For now, sigh, I will be working at a hospital doing floor nursing (days thank goodness). I may be able to do some PRN visits with exisiting HH Agencies. There has been one that will eventually work me me in this fashion, I believe, but need some more nudging. All in due time.

    So my dear colleagues.... How can I start to poke my nose into the community and research the possibliites? I do know some of the doctors already but quite frankly I do not think they are the best or only place to rely on for my research.

    Senior Centers are probably another great avenue for research. I should find out what is existing in the community and interview WHO? to see where the needs are.

    Again, I am opening this up for topic so we may ALL view the process. NO idea is unapppeciated. Please... let us talk about it.
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  3. by   nightingale
    I really do hope to gain insight on how to research this topic. Any ideas?
  4. by   LoisJean
    Hey there, Girl! I hear your sighs and feel your pain! But, you are still blazing a trail and that is very good!

    I have NO certification in pedicure practices. I'm not certain that my State even has such a certification- what a crock that there would be one for pedicurists and not for nurses (IMO). I know that pedicurists are called 'nail technicians' around here.

    I have always termed by services as Foot Care Nursing Services taking great pains not to call it 'skilled' lest I rattle the fragile egos of some of our local podiatrists. But that's a whole 'nother story. In my mission statement I specify that: "Foot care when performed by a nurse serves the primary purposes of health, hygiene and comfort for those who are no longer able to provide this care for themselves in a manner which is safe."

    There must be a Council on Aging in the area you are moving to. You would want to speak to the director. He/She will welcome you with open arms. I have mentioned elsewhere that many Senior Centers have never had a nurse offer to provide foot care as a private duty service and they are quick to see the advantage of such a program of care. Senior Citizen Apartment complexes are a good place to check out, too. Often they welcome a nurse who will come in and set up a 'foot care clinic' at their complex or who would be will to go from apartment to apartment to provide care.

    Check also with the area's Home and Community Based Waiver Program. Also check with the agencies who deal with the Welfare programs. (The director of the Council on Aging should be able to point you in these directions). You might be able to get info on providing service for folks who receive Medicaid funding through these programs.

    Check with the discharge planner at your hospital. The planner at our local hospital provides information regarding my services to home health agencies, hospices, foster care homes, et cetera, and many of my referrals come from this source. (I send her a big box of candy every Christmas! She's been a great advocate of my services).

    I'll help you any way that I can. Keep us all posted.

    Peace and let it begin with me,
    Lois Jean
  5. by   nightingale
    I arrived yesterday to a beautiful sunshining day. After a blizzard in Cheyenne and Denver it was nice to look out and see brush instead of snow everywhere.

    Thank you so much Lois Jean. YOu have provided me a wealth of information. I will have to work starting tomorrow several days in a row; I look forward to next week, having had time to settle in, and hit the pavement for my research.

    I do know some people in this community. Coincidently, one of the women I met through family told me she has been a pedicurist in this community! what a hoot. Maybe it is my Karma and Mantra working after long last.

    I am excited.. I am scared... I am moving forward....

    Bless you all... :kiss
  6. by   LoisJean
    No such thing as co-incidence, Bonnie! She can help you!! Ah, when the student is ready the teacher appears!

    Brightest Blessings--keep us posted!!

    Peace and let it begin with me,
    Lois Jean