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I'm considering just taking out an ad to do private duty. I hired my housekeeper this way. People could interview me and either hire me or not, I could decide if a patient and family was the type I... Read More

  1. by   ma kettle
    How did you work out the money end of things: taxes, overhead and bussiness licenses ect.? Sounds great.
    Does your state allow nurses to go out on their own. ?
  2. by   nursemicke
    I am so glad to hear other nurses have decided to have a private practice. Your nursing license allows you to practice. Same as a doctor, lawyer, etc. Most areas you need to get a business license, call the county tax office. I need one for Okaloosa Co but not Walton Co. You pay your own taxes, 28%. When you work for someone else they pay half your taxes and SS. All your expenses are tax deductible including and office at home. You can deduct 70% of the cost of medical insurance on your taxes also. My practice is "Nurse on Call". You are welcomed to use this on your business cards. Check my website, my email address is on there if you want to contact me.
    You can do it. It is easy and simple to do. Thank you Tidlwink for your great ideas.
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  3. by   TiddlDwink
    Nursemicke is right. Supplies are free. The lab will give you supplies if you take the specimens to them. The lab makes its money from the insurance company for running the test. For example, Medicare will no longer pay for a home health nurse to go out and draw a protime, but the patient will pay me to draw it and deliver it to the lab. Medicare will pay the lab to run the test.
    In Alabama I can practice nursing with my RN license. I am not a CRNP, so I cannot diagnose or prescribe. My license allows me to perform a nursing assessment, teach patients stuff (healthy dietary habits, simple exercise plans, wound care, Asthma, Diabetes, etc. self-care, take V.S., etc. With a M.D. order, I can do blood sugars, draw blood, change catheters, install IV lines, give IV abx, and a myriad of other nursing duties.
    Yes, I have a business license ($35/year). I am self-employed and have no employees, so I do not pay employment, SS, or Income taxes for anyone but myself. If I use someone else, I pay them a consultant fee, just as if I were asking them to speak at a seminar or to give me advice. I do not put them on a weekly payroll.
    I first graduated from nursing school in 1969.
    Four years ago a friend who was doing something similar to this asked me about combining our resources. We did. We formed a partnership. You are invited to visit our website and see what all we do now:
    We both are as busy as we want to be! We are thinking about letting the company buy us cars next year!