Medical Bill review for patients?

  1. Hi all! I have not been here for a long time and this was not a topic I would have looked at back then. I am glad to see it though, as I am looking for some resoursces and people to discuss ideas with .

    I have thought about helping patients with their bills for a long time, but not unlike others here, have been overwhelmed about where to go with my ideas. Marketing, billing, fear of failing, all holding me back. I do have a potential backer, partner, advisor? ... unsure how it will pan out but my sister has a friend on SSI disability, former sales and marketing. The gov. is training her in computers, but also mentioned they can help fund a start up business, and she did not know what kind of business. So I am researching ideas and we are meeting next week to discuss.

    Does anyone do this type of service ,or know of any??


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  3. by   renerian
    We have a group in columbus, ohio that helps people like what you said. they manage a clients health care, bills and help them navigate the health care system. They are two nurses who partnered together. They charge $75 per hour.

    Is this what type of role your talking about?

  4. by   Joankim

    Yes this is what I am looking at doing! From my own experience w/ family members trying to decipher bills I know that there have got to be many that could use help. I have found errors and saved money w/ every one I have helped. Just need some direction, as far as how to get started.