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  1. I have been doing massages for a few years now. I continually, get busy with other areas of nursing ( :deadhorse ), and come back to wanting to do more of massage. A big part of my concern, has been funding. I have taken courses here and there but have not clocked the 500 plus hours; I respect school very much but I do not want to go that route right now. I see myself continuing to take seminars, workshops, and study specific techniques over the years.

    I have decided to precept under a good friend/massage therapist who will allow me to clock the hours to take the massage certification. I am fortunate to live in a state that allows me to "hang a shingle" and work through my certification in alternative ways. The certification is not required but I think it is necessary for a lot of reasons.

    This Forum has given excellent advice and I hope to get some of that feedback on my goals. True to my style, I am about to embark on entrenching myself in Massage (along with Agency Nursing to sustain my lifestyle). I am precepting under my massage therapist/friend and have ordered some of Sean Riehl tapes to perfect some techniques.

    I plan to register to take my certification this spring; are there any books for the certification, in particular, you would recommend? Sean Riehl has some excellent recommendations on his web address for books but none for the certification.

    Any other suggestions or advice? Thank you in advance.
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