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  1. hi there, i have always been interested in the genre of massage, especially as it relates to nursing. i massaged my own babies/toddlers/husband/etc. is anyone from the massachusetts area who might know how i would look in to this field and somehow relate it to my nursing field, which is currently ob? would appreciate your suggestions...thanks
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  3. by   JessicaG
    go to, and look up massage schools. They list every school by state. Good luck, it's worth it!

  4. by   mother/babyRN
    Thanks, I will do that!
  5. by   TouchRN
    To: Mother/babyRN

    I have been a nurse massage massage therapist for thirteen years and would be happy to share some information with you. I have the name of a great contact person for you that gives workshop certification and has a program at a well know hospital in the midwest in OB. If you PM me I will be happy to give you her information.
    Massage is the perfect way for us nurses to express ourselves!
    Good luck!

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