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Help. I am setting myself up as an independent contractor but do not want to spend money on a lawyer to assist me in setting up a legal contract. Does anyone know of any website that has sample forms... Read More

  1. by   Lisa Haugrud LPN
    Call me for the sample independent contract forms that I have used for 13 years. I also have a sample agency contract that I use. This has been a great job for me! RN's or LPN's could use these. 218-591-0249. Please leave me a mssg. if I don't pick up I'm at work.
  2. by   sallyspring
    There are many paramedical companies who hire nurses to do these exams.
    Insurance companies will be able to give you names of their contracted companies.
    I know one name is Drivercheck. I have worked with some and some that also do alcohol and drug testing.
  3. by   NurseJivani
    Quote from HarryHK
    There are no insurance requirements by state, only by hospital. However it is pretty standard stuff: 1/1 million general insurance including fire and water; and 1/3 million professional liability.
    Hey HarryHK,
    Are there no requirements for all states? Im trying to get info specific to MN. I had a class with a woman who had a home care business. She employeed RNs and CNAs. She was reluctant to share much info with me, but she did say that she didn't carry any insurance or liability. When her staff went into a clients home it was done as if a house keeper was coming in. If I want to do this too, what contracts/forms/documents do I need? A personal service agreement?
  4. by   HarryHK
    What I posted was in the context of contracting to acute care hospitals. In most states, there is no regulation of such agencies or insurance requirements.

    Home health is outside my area of expertise, and I understand that in most states the industry is heavily regulated. That said, there are always ways around regulation. For example, the woman you took the class with may have been running a simple referral business, with fees charged to the client or the worker. There would be a direct "contract" between the healthcare worker and the client, so no regulation or insurance requirements for the third party. In other words, she was not actually an employer.

    It is also common for per diem agencies to use nurses on a subcontract basis, and provide no benefits, and may require that you carry your own workers comp and liability insurance. Thus, no payroll, and a large percentage of their costs are shifted to the worker. In the case of per diem workers at acute care hospitals, it is up to the individual facility if this practice is allowed. For home health, I think it depends on the state regulation.

    Hope this helps. Not a very fast response!
  5. by   jborche
    What work are you performing as an independent contractor?

  6. by   HarryHK
  7. by   sallyspring
    Here in Canada there are a few companies
    Medysis, hooper-Holmes are a couple that comes to mind.
    Maybe you can google paramedical companies.