I want to thank you all for the info you provided in this forum

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    A wonderful member named Karen directed me to this venue. For the past 3 hours, I have read through every posting and have received a ton of information from you. I need your help and advice.

    My name is Jo Prabhu , have been an entrepreneur for many years and have been President and CEO of IT International, now International Services Group. I have been in the placement industry for 10 years and have found it gratifying. Since 9-11 we have not placed anyone in the IT Industry and had to close our operations because many clients went out of business and did not pay their invoices to us. We had to write off more than 300k which was due to our company.
    My first love is children (I have 3 who are grown and a wonderful 13 yr old grandaughter). I have always chosen to work from home and raise my kids myself. The proof is in the closeness I still have w my kids and the proud and successful products of society that they have become.
    My goal is to hire people nationwide to work from home so they can raise their kids by themselves at the same time. I don't think it is right or fair to give birth to kids, and then hire someone else to care for them. There is a closeness and bonding that occurs from infancy that will never happen again, and it is their birthright to have a parent care for them.

    We have decided to go into the Nursing/Companion Care Private Pay business and I want to personally thank you for all the information I have gleaned from your shared emails. It has been fascinating and v. Informative.

    I found out that I do not have to be a nurse to be a placement service for nurses. As far as needing your help:

    I just got a new client (a hospital) who asked me to send in paperwork about our company so they can sign us on as a Vendor for perdiem and contract nurses.
    I would love to get your collective advice on where to get the contracts to put together, and where to get information on pricing for Nurse contractors.

    A word about LLC's. I thought it was a good way to go, because the LLC's are taxed only once, but when we decided to close operations, even though we had no money, I was and still am held personally liable for back taxes etc. The IRS has put a lean on my Bank accounts until I pay it off. This has been tremendously hurtful because I did not know this could happen (we had a full time CPA, a Full time Accountant AND a Corporate Lawyer who drew up the Corporation agreements, and they were supposed to advise us of any liabilities or consequences). In hind sight, i would think twice about going that route, and /or will include new clauses in the LLC that will not hold me personally liable in the future. I cannot buy a house or anything until that lien by the IRS is paid off. This is just for your information from someone who has been there.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    Jo Prabhu
    Los Angeles, CA
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