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  1. Hello,
    Does anyone have any experience in the IV hydration field? I've been trying to find out if these type of businesses can be solely owned and operated by a RN, however I keep getting the run around.

    The type of IV and injections I want to provide would be vitamins and nutrients for example vitamin b, vitamin c, glutathione...

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   medspaRN
    ...in the state of Florida.
  4. by   Julius Seizure
    I'm not an expert, however I would venture to guess that an RN could be the owner/operator, but you would have to contract a physician or NP to work with you.
  5. by   ABatista.RN
    Hey I also live in Florida and this is EXACTLY what I was looking to do. Email me at JBatista.RN@outlook.com so we can share ideas if you would like.
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  6. by   GaryRay
    You're going to have trouble getting insurance. And you'll need GOOD insurance. My cousin is an underwriter for a malpractice insurance company. She doesn't approve any of those because you're basically telling your "patient" it's ok to binge drink. Plus IV boluses without lab work can be dangerous if someone has a history (like cv or transplant) they aren't telling you about. You have to have a very good lawyer put together your waiver but they're never foolproof.

    And yes, someone licensed still has to write the orders and assess the client. Depending on the state you may need a pharmacist to order your fluids.

    I highly recommend adding oxygen to your list of services. I don't agree with it, but people love oxygen bars so it would be a cheap way to offer an expensive "relaxing" option while they're fluids are running.

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