HOw To Start YOur Own Business

  1. Let's talk about this. How did you get started? This is what I did but there are many ways to get started and get info.

    As for me, I started with researching, asking, searching the internet, and joining the National Nurses In Business Association. Then I started with a business plan through the following class:

    I took a class called: The NexLevel In Entrepreneurship. It startes with a business plan. I just completed this class through the local community college for noncredit. It is sanctioned through the local chamber of commerce and small business association. This class is available nationwide. It is called, How to Write A Business Plan". This has been a very helpful class. There are classes like this available online nad similiar learning classes in various topics and detail.

    Granted, it is not nurse related but business is business. It has been so helpful getting me started. I now have a board of members I can go to for, most often, free advice. I started my S-Corp thanks to this class.

    Let's keep keep the dialogue alive nad in the learning mode!
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  3. by   JNJ
    I believe that many RNs do not understand that they can be 'in business' for themselves, marketing the skills for which they are being paid (less) for as employees. There is nothing in any nurse practice act which prevents this; there is a lot of misinformation out there in the ether about this point.

    Any unit using traveling or agency RNs is saying clearly that they are ripe for the independent approach. Facilities are opening up to this idea. I'm not criticizing or trying to undercut agency or traveling nurses. But why be paid $x when your agency is charging 1.5 times x or even 2x. Facilities will pay this higher rate direct to the contracting RN. They will do this because they know the RN and the skills they will be getting. There's still some secrecy about this; facilities are asking RNs not to talk openly about what they are doing, or to recruit their own staff to this way of contracting skills. But facilities are contracting with independent RNs. Some RNs are getting into loose groups to help each other out in times of sickness, high work availability etc.

    The National Association of Independent Nurses (NAIN) at shares the start up expertise with publications and forum information.

    You do not have to be marketing an actual business idea to start this type of contractual work. Think in terms of how dietitians, SL-Ps, PTs contract with various facilities for their services. RNs can also do this. Empower ourselves and each other!
  4. by   JNJ
    Forgot to mention in previous post my thanks for welcome and for starting this thread to nighngale1988, Irish Moderator. Thanks! JNJ
  5. by   nightingale
    Here;s an interresting link. It is a check list for starting your own business:

  6. by   MrsK1223
    HI all! I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but I have seriously been thinking of starting a business. The idea has been in my head for several years. Trying to figure where to start is very daunting. I would like to sell medical scrubs from my home...nothing big. I live in a small but growing town with only one uniform shop that offers little and at higher prices. I work in a medical office myself and we all complain of how high scrubs are and how hard it is to find any around the area. I would like to go from office to office offering the scrubs at very competititive prices, maybe start on ebay and even do the weekend flea market thing. I just don't know how to get started. If I can make a few hundred dollars a week I would be happy and then go from there. I'm currently learning how to use my sewing machine and would like to even design and make my own scrubs. If anyone has any ideas or advice, I would really appreciate it.
  7. by   txsugarlvn
    Hi! From reading your post I gather you are still learning to work the sewing machine so you aren't making scrubs per say as of yet. So, along those lines, start by getting your resale license from your state comptroller's office. Then you can start checking out and buying from wholesale scrub manufacturers (do a search on the web). Request catalogs, create member accounts on the sites so you can buy from them, and choose a name for your business. You don't need a name to get your resale license to begin with. It can be under your own personal name.

    Next, create a catchy flyer that you can either hand out or mail out to the local offices/hospitals/clinics/etc. You can also give some to friends who work in these places to hand out. Laundromats and grocery store "community boards" are a great way to advertise also in a small town. This way it gets their attention and let's them know you are around. Offer several different ways to contact you (email, cell phone, business line, fax machine for example). On the flyer, list what you are offering, your starting prices, and whatever else you feel is pertinent.

    Now, you will start getting calls and responses to your flyer. So you need to decide ahead of time how you want to proceed. Will you be a "catalog" order type of business to start? You can show samples of what you are selling (bought from the wholesaler) and then order directly when the client places an order with you. OR you can buy a certain type of scrub or a few different styles and colors in various sizes to take with you when you get responses from people wanting to see what you have to offer. Take your catalog and tell them that you can order anything from it and how long it will take. Be sure the catalog has no prices listed or has YOUR retail prices printed/written there for the buyer to see. The wholesale price is your business only. Don't let those get out. Also, be sure the catalog has no reference to where it's from. You can always stick a label with your info on the back.

    It will take a little work to get it started and you will make mistakes and change your layout on your marketing stuff and maybe even your business name. BUT, it can be done. Scrubs are a hot ticket item so I'm sure you'll do well. Eventually you can start marketing your homemade scrubs along with the manufactured items. Possibly even expand to monogramming?

    I hope this info helps! I wish you the best. Keep us posted on how you do.
  8. by   MrsK1223
    Thanks very much for your advice txsugarlvn. That will help alot. thanks again.
  9. by   Wa State RN
    This is in ref; JNJ-----I am a independent contractor and am contracted on a tele floor. I have been doing regular agency for 3 years now and then just went independent. It is amazing how much you get for tax write offs. My company doesn't take taxes out, so the $45.00 an hour is what I get, then I get overtime for anything over 8 hours in a day. It adds up quickly!! I have worked lots of overtime and the hospital doesn't seem to mind at this point (sometimes I do 4-5 doubles in a pay period). The money is all mine. I have paid off lots of bills and it is a wonderful way to have a "business" of your own. We are going on vacation this summer and it is all going to be written off, part of the "business", the hotel, the car, the flights, food. You do have to have a good accountant. I only pay $250.00 to mine, he works with the company for all the Independent contractors so he knows the laws. I have made more money in my 13 week contract then I have in most years!! That is no joke!! I really encourage RN's to do this. Remember one thing, you are not an employee and you have to furnish your own malpractice insurance. good luck to all!!!!!
  10. by   Cqc_Cqb
    Hello everyone I am new to this post and find what is being said here very interesting. My 1st question (of many to come I am sure) is this, is this site mainly for RN's who want to contract themselves out. The reason I am asking is because I was thinking of getting out of nursing and into any other field. I am 40 and have been thinking of going to business school. Just thinking I would like something of my own, just dont have any idea of what type of business or where to even start for ideas. If any one would like to brain storm some ideas and send them to me I would appreciate it. Well thanks for your time and I will be talking or rather typing to you all soon.
  11. by   nightingale
    Welcome Cqc!

    We are discussing whatever you would like to discuss. My backround, among nursing, is in services.

    I regularly suggest taking a class though the local business options you may have available. I took an Entrepreneural Class through the local Chamber of Commerce; I think this is a GREAT way to start. It is a short term commitment ( beleive mine was 12 weeks) and provides specific information YOU design.

    There are MANY ways to achieve this goal, independent practice. This forum is and excellent avenue to explore and discuss the many options out there.

    Just like Nursing, you need to figure out what type of exploration you would like to take on.

    It begins with YOU. Check out some of the conversations on this BB. YOU can look at the main selection of Nurse Entrepreneur and read through for ideas. It does not have to be nursing but htat is what WE have been discussing. YOU are welcome to bring to the group whatever you wish but Nursing is what I know.

    Again, welcome and let the conversations continue!
  12. by   Cqc_Cqb
    Thanks Nightngale
    Well I guess to start - my interest was piqued about the possibility of being an independent contractor. I was wondering how hard (if at all) it is to keep up with all the taxes and paper work and other miscellaneous aspects of being an independent contractor. Also if i decide to go that way, should I still go to the SBA and take some classes. I mean I dont want to make alot of money then end up owing out more in taxes at the end of the year. Just thought that are running around my head. There is alot of room up there for them to run and have fun in my head :}

    P.S now have a piece of paper sitting on dinning room table to right down business ideas on
  13. by   nightingale
    The Entrepreneur Class I took helps you with how to do your own books, what methods you could use, and software options. I use QuickBooks, turn the disc over to a accountant, and have a small business consultant I check in with regularly.

    As indivdual as people and ideas are so is the way you conduct business. For me to be successful, in my opinion, I need to maintain expert advisors and resource experts to function appropriately and legally.

    Good luck in your journey.
  14. by   Cqc_Cqb
    What type of independent business do you have now? I am just curious because you have the quote from Ms Gasparis at the bottom of your messages, so I am just curious if you are a Legal Nurse Counsultant.


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