How to get an MD's attn for a product

  1. Can anyone tell me the best way to approach MD's/MD offices about a new produt for them to recommend to their patients? I am nurse, but I also would like to partner with some doctors on an all natural nutritional supplement that will benefit almost any patient (from cardiac to psych patients) and it has been proven to work!

    Would it be best for me to send the letter to the targeted MD practices about the product and then follow up with a phone call? I don't think I could show up and get time with the doctor like the Big Pharma reps, but it is a product that I would like them to consider using and would like for them to take me seriously. Are there any health care business consultants who could help? Thanks
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  3. by   Kooky Korky
    If you didn't do it the way you said, how else would you do it?