Hi..introduction and questions..NEWBIE

  1. Hi,
    I'm new to being an independent.
    I was injured, rather severely, a few years ago and have been looking into continuing on with my knowledge base as an RN. After having been in and around the nursing field for 20 years..it's just too much to put aside.
    Although the depression that hit after my injury pretty much left me feeling like I could never be a nurse again.
    I started voc rehab for Case Management, and have cringed the whole time about being an asset to an insurance company.

    Well anyways I'm starting out on this new adventure...entrepeneur...wow... sounds great!
    I actually thought it would be good for me, but had NO idea how to start.
    I fell into this first contract I have.
    I just went to speak to the gal about what services she offered, so when I eventually started doing Case Management I would have a book full of resources. She asked me 3 times for a resume. I told her I really wasn't interested in working for anyone but myself due to my physical limitations.
    She was very persistent and I found myself that weekend rewriting my resume.
    Today she asked me if I could write a policy and procedures manual and offereded me $75 an hour for a max of 15 hours a weekfor 3 weeks.
    I hope that's good....LOL..It sounded good to me. I told her I hadn't written one before, but I sure had read alot of them. She did a contract on the spot with me and now I need to figure out how exactly to do this...

    I have found alot of resources, some samples and have a current copy of title 22. She's not interested in Medicare...yet. She just wants a basic manual.

    Does anyone know of a good place to pick and choose tidbits from?

    Well that's me, my new profession (consultant) sounds kinda neat and a short story of how I got here.
    I'm glad I found all of you and I look forward to reading your advice and input.

    Thanks and have a VERY profitable day
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  3. by   renerian
    I did P&P for a company and it took alot longer than 15 hours. More like two to three weeks, 40 to 50 hours per week.

  4. by   MissCheevusRN
    oh shoot,
    Did you write it all yourself? What type of facility was it for? She's going from a "home Care" to a Home health agency"
  5. by   renerian
    I did home health policies and procedures. Are they accredited?

  6. by   MissCheevusRN
    Not yet, brand new all they've been doing is home care ADLs and IADLS so far.
    That's why she wants this done..accredidation and state funding. She's also doing paperwork for non- profit.
    She's a really sweet lady, that's why I said I would help.
    and if you know of any place I can get some info to help me with this ..well I sure would appreciate it.