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  1. Hello nurse entrepreneurs,

    The wheels are only just starting to turn in my head about possibly one day starting my own business. Not sure what yet, I am pretty big on wellness services/coaching or maybe opening an agency. I am an FNP with an MSN and have not had any kind of business training. My question is, have any of you pursued a business degree or something related to business in healthcare? Or is it possible to just take a few classes for my own knowledge? Thank you much.
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  3. by   Designer NP
    You don't need an MBA to start your own business. Just be knowledgeable and educate yourself with books, the Internet, speaking with others in your desired field. Talk to your local SCORE agency, they have TONS of free information on small business education.
    You'll first want to flesh out a business plan after you decide what you want to do. Remember, your business plan may change but it gives you a good framework of where your business is and where you want it to be.
    I'm an FNP too and I'm starting on my business plan in something unrelated to nursing, but involves health and wellness. It's a big step, but I believe it will be well worth it in the end.
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    My experience: I recognized I had something of value, I placed that before an audience who needed the services and set up a way to be paid. At this point I only work with Businesses vs Consumers. Try attending a local Small Business Administration ( dot gov) workshop.
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