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I have been interested in starting a foot care service for some time now and after reading posts from LoisJean feel this is something I can do. I would like to start out by receiving some kind of... Read More

  1. by   Foot Care Nursing
    I'm new to this...but would like any information on setting up a foot care business any canada or getting in touch with someone who as...
    I' m a RN living in Northern Alberta..planning on taking a Foot care course in the near future.....
  2. by   Smurfina
    I live in British Columbia, and took the Vancouver Community college footcare course in 2008.
    I have levels one and two.
    I have been doing footcare for almost 2 years and am thoroughly enjoying it.., it is part of my pre-retirement plan!

    I work fulltime as an R.N., and have been doing the footcare part-time..last year I cut a 1000 toenails!!

    There is a lot to learn...and I continue to learn with each and every session.

    I am not sure where you are taking your course, but at the end of it they teach you about the business aspect
    of it...many of the do's and don't HAVE to maintain your licensure as a nurse(be it LPN or R.N), you have to keep files and document each visit, keep the records for 8 years.
    I could go on and on......there is a woman on Vancouver Island(who also teaches the footcare course in Nanaimo), who has written a comprehensive guide to footcare.conditions, treatments etc.
    It is an excellent resource.
    Hope this is helpful......
  3. by   ZEROPOINT
    Please advise where in Michigan Imani is going to do the FootCare course. I am also interested in taking it also. Please respond urgently. Thank you.
  4. by   tewdles
    there is a course in Ann Arbor, next one in March
  5. by   Foot Care Nursing
    Thanks for the info...Do you think it would be possible to do this full time and make an adequate income????
  6. by   tewdles
    I would think that would depend upon your location and your ability to market the service to a population of potential clients.
  7. by   marialy21
    I recently took the basic and advanced nursing foot care course through my local college in Ontario. The teacher worked for the ministry of health of long term care and she used a dremel that you would buy at the hardware store.
    I use a dremel that is used for estheticians, but they are basically the same, just the one for estheticians is way more expensive and it is a little more esthetically pleasing to the eye. I used the dremel to file down approx 1 inch of callous on several areas of my clients feet yesterday, and without the dremel there is no way I would have been able to get results like this in such a short amount of time. The sanding attachments are disposable ... what is the difference between using these attachments and disposable files? Neither are sterile, they are one time use products.

    Another quick question ... do clients get to claim nursing footcare on their income tax?
  8. by   1stronglady
    I am looking into starting a foot care service. I worked in hospice for approx 5 years. I have looked everywhere for anyone who will go to my patients homes to do foot care. There doesn't seem to be anyone around here doing it. I am having trouble figuring out what to do to get started. I am hoping to take a class in Michigan, which teaches the business side and meets most of the requirements to get me moving toward the certification process. Does anyone know if they help with forms, policies, suppliers?

    I have a million questions and a hard time finding anyone to help answer them. I've been reading the blog, and have learned a lot so far, thanks for such a great resource.

    Dawn RN
  9. by   1stronglady
    "I recently joined this forum as I am very interested in the Foot Care business. You mentioned someone in Canada who gave you such great mentoring. I would appreciate getting the name/contact information of that person, I know its been a while but who knows. I do have in-laws in Canada and would not be a problem there. The only school that I know of here in Georgia that teaches this program is Emory and they have a two day program in adjunct with their Wound/Ostomy/Incont. Program which I really dont think its too complete. I know there's a great need for Foot Care Nurses here in Georgia. I am also not sure if nurses can practice independently here in Ga but I have started an investigation with the Ga State Board of Nursing. If the Japanese nail salons can operate without a nursing license, then why can't us the professionals practice independently also!!"

    I found a course in Ann Arbour Michigan. They teach the business end as well as the clinical side. I have been trying to gather info to start a foot care business in Alabama. I can't get the ABN to answer me about working independently here, but I've been reading through the Nurse Practice Act trying to figure it out. I'd love to compare notes with you. Feel free to Email me.

    Dawn, RN
  10. by   1stronglady
    I noticed several people were looking for a video on foot care. Try It's $299. It can be used for groups, but you pay separately for the CEU's dependent upon how many people are doing them.

    Dawn, RN
  11. by   RN Robbi
    Please Note - This DVD does Not Include:
    * Financial or cash flow projections
    * Business plan
    * Foot assessment or documentation
    * Preparation for Foot Care Certification
    Last edit by RN Robbi on Mar 13, '10 : Reason: It is not the set of DVD's from The Medical University of South Carolina
  12. by   1stronglady
    Don't know anything about the DVD's, just saw them while trying to find Foot Care training info.

    Dawn RN
  13. by   hkblau
    I am a CWOCN and future CFCN and am looking for a mentor in the Massachusetts area to precept with for a day (at least). Is there anyone out there?? Thanks!