Correspondence Courses???

  1. Have any of you heard of Ashworth College or Proffesional Career Development Institute ? As an RN I would like to be an "independant contractor".

    PCDI offers a "diploma" from their school of nutrition..cost $689
    AC offers an Associate of Science in Health Care Management...cost $789

    Just wondered if these are worth the paper they are printed on. I thought it would look good to put "Asso. Degreein Health Care Management" or "Special Studies in Nutrition" in addition to RN on a business card.

    Thanks for any info.

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  3. by   LoisJean
    Never heard of this school, ARBY. Beware! There are many 'schools' like this that have a way of taking people's money-and then disappearing.
    but, if you can get some solid info on this it might be worth checking into.

    Lois Jean
  4. by   Agnus
    If you have a college located close by go to the counseling office. They can check up on this school and tell you if and what kind of accreditation there is for the school in question.

    The counselor may or may not do the checking for you but they do have the resources to check and if you ask they can show you how to use their resources to do this yourself.

    If you do not find anything on this school then run the other way.

    Also accreditation can mean very little depending on who the acrediting agency is. ASK the counselor about the accrediting agency, ask him what type of accredation that you should be looking for.
    It might be best to make an appointment and to go in to the counseling office during a non busy time. This way you are likely to get more help in your search.

    Just remembered another test of credibility. Ask directly at each of these schools if they are approved by the VA.

    The Dept of Veterans Affairs approves many vocational and even courespondence schools. If they are inelligible for VA then walk away. The VA is very liberal IMHO about what they will approve.

    However, (I found some schools don't want VA because of the hassel) BUT they offer federal and state financial Aide. IF their students can get government financial aide then you can figure they are legit.

    DO NO accept an explaination that they "can't get these types of aid because thier tuition is so low." THat is not a criteria the government uses to refuse to grant aid to students of a particular school.

    This tuition is very low. I suspect these are private schools. The low tuition and private school combination does not bode well with me. I am suspicious. In other words expect to get what you pay for.
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  5. by   swtshyn20
    PCDI is affiliated with Ashworth College. The diploma or degree you get is through Ashworth College. They have a commercial if you've ever seen it. I've taken a program through them but didn't finish it, but I never had any problems receiving any books or anything. But I will tell you...if you don't pay them in full up front, they will only send you one class at a time. Once you finish and take the second to last test, then they'll send out the next class. I believe you can receive all the book at once if you pay everything up front. You might want to check out education direct too. I'm not really sure what they offer as far as medical programs. But the website is if you want to check it out. They work the same way as PCDI does. Hope this helps some.
  6. by   phoenixbabie1
    HI, I am posting to the question for the RN about taking the couse for Healthcare Mang. at PCDI.

    I am enrolled in the Healthcare Management Degree at Ashworth. I really like the program and recommend it. They are nationally accredited, not regionally. The cost of $789 is for only 1 semester, and there are 4 total semesters, plus fees which total just under $4,000. They have been around for awhile I don't question their credibility, my local community college will accept their credits.

    Since you are already an RN I think that the course material would be a boring review of basic things you already know. I really don't think that having this degree on your business card is going to be that great. If it was me and I was an RN I would take the 4 grand and specialize in something more specific that only someone at the RN level is able to take. Maybe like getting your RN/Anesthesia lisense. That would be impressive.
    Don't get me wrong, Ashworth is a good college but your so far ahead of what they are teaching that for you I don't think it would be the best option, it would be like taking a step down.
    And being an RN is pretty impressive already
    If your going into consulting for yourself, taking business management clasess might be a good choice also, and Ashworth has a degree for that also
    I hope this helps