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:nurse: :kiss :blushkiss Anyone out there in business for themselves? The more I think about it, the more I feel like having a home-based nursing business. After reading everyone's concerns about low... Read More

  1. by   nurseT
    Hi JulieBean, Wow, I hear ya with the family needs. My spouse was just DX with Barrett's Esophagus and we may have to go to Maryland to get the surgery he needs. I'll need to be able to with him and work out of my home. Working independent out of your home saves costs, no overhead. I plan on providing senior managed care, a wkly visit, acting as a liason between pt, physician and family/ adult children, also may set up meds for the week, prefill insulin syringes just to name a few duties. Still working out all the details. Of course I will work PRN for a local home health agency. I may attempt to contract with other local home health agencies to supplement in case I don't get enough work right away or for times when the census gets low. Hope this answers some of your questions and gives you hope. T
  2. by   J. B.
    I am in Business for myself and believe that is the only way to go. In fact it is the only way to keep up and stay in step with the world today. In this day and age it is not a matter of should I be in busines for myself it is What should I do and how do I do it.
    I have my own Business and it involves My Nursing Knowledge and experience and I Have a E-Commerce Business that frankly is producing more and is showing greater growth.
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  3. by   J. B.
    Thought I would give you a better discription of the business I am into.

    I am a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and self-employed. I became a S-Corp for the tax reasons and the separation of my personal propert from my business.

    Over the past two years it has been challenging to market my services to Attorney's but I have'nt given up.
    About a year ago I fell into an opportunity to become a RN Examiner and I now also perform Ins Exams for applicant aplying for life/health or disability insurance. I am marketing myself to insurance Agents promoting the advantage of having a skilled RN going out and examining their clients rather than the roll of the dice so to speak. I am getting great exposure and in time the remote orders that are coming through me directly shoud increase alowing me to ability to obtain a greater piece of the reimbursment the Ins Comp pays for the exams.

    I also have another business that in effect provided me with residuals income from my E-Commerce Business. For examiple when a customer, client, or member of mine purchases Office Supplies through my business partnership, I obtain a financial credit for that traffic I created. I have established business relationship with many small business including some Doctors, Dentist, Insurance Agents, I am working on a school district in my area now.

    There isnt a family I know that doent have a computer or two in their home andtheir children use them for school and fun. The nice thing about this business is that for office products alone a singel 50 dollor purchase ( about two Ink Cartriages) and you get free next day delievery in most areas for most purchases). The convience along is creating new customers for me.

    The real cool thing about my business here is that I have no AR, AP, Liability, Returns, SHipping , Employees, Literally NO OVERHEAD). and great Coprorate affiliate partners
    I have three business I am running.
    Conventional Job...Recovery Room Nurse (It as job( but I look at it as a Business revenue producer and Health Ins Producer for my family and self).

    As Nurses we have numerious door before us if only we open our eyes and dream.
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