10 Tips for Healthcare-"How to use video & Social Media"

  1. I have been in the nursing field for 13 years, the majority of that time has been in an Emergency Setting. I have spoken to countless patients and when I have to discharge someone home or I have to verify if a patient understands what the doctor has explained to them, amazingly 8/10 patients have no clue of what’s going on with their health or diagnosis. I make it a point to ask a patient, “Tell me if you understood what the docotor told you?” Or “Please tell me what you understand?”

    Studies have shown that up to 80% of the medical information patients receive is forgotten immediately and nearly half of the information retained is incorrect.

    I am convinced that Nurses act as a very crucial bridge that closes the Gap between
    Patient Provider communication. Using Video YouTube and Facebook can further help close that gap and help cultivate a more meningful and positive patient provider realtionship that can help foster and increase more positive outcomes in their health.

    “The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered”
    Dr. William Mayo – One of The Mayo Clinic Founders

    1. Build your Audience and Email List- If you are not capturing emails and contact information you are leaving revenue on the table. Increase the amount of eyes and ears in your practice in the form of email contacts, YouTube Subscribers and Facebook followers. This will make it cost effective when grow and marketing your Practice and Business.

    1. Talk Less & Listen More- Listen to your patients and clients. Quickly think of the top FAQ’s in your practice or business. Your Top 10 Questions can be easily answered with video. You can even answer a specific question on video and share it with you practice, community or the world.

    Content builds relationships and relationships are made and grown with trust, trust that will exponential increase your practice and clients.

    1. Active Communication- Listen to your patients and Audience. Sincerely and consientiously answer their questions and alleviate their fears.
    2. Active Engagement- between providers and patients may increase patient satisfaction & compliance regardless of time and location.

    1. Social Media (FB & YouTube) is about passion and story telling, it’s more about reaching out, sharing, learning, educating, and engaging.

    1. Encourage- participation from peers, staff and patients.

    1. Be helpful- and listen to complaints. Always try to respond positively and address problems offline if appropriate.

    1. Use Video SEO - and pick topics and problems you can solve; give and deliver valuable relavant content to your audience. Answer FAQ’s Remember Google is the largest search enging and YouTube is the second larges search engine. Ask your self “What is my audience, patients or niche searching for?”

    1. Plan - early and plan- often 1 month 3 months or 6 months in advance, create a content calendar and plan on topics and events around your calendar year.

    1. Create- something worth following, The FOCUS should be on building TRUST, and showing your audience that you are an ACE! Authority-Credible-Expert
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    There is such an opportunity for Nurses to demonstrate our Expertise...A domain-based approach for retrieving trustworthy health videos from YouTube. - PubMed - NCBI