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Enquiry for licensure for foreigners

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I am a nursing student in Ghana, Africa. I'm currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in nursing, in my 3rd year and left with a year. I hope to work in the US as soon as i'm done next year. I need guidelines on where it is easiest for foreigners to work as RN in the States. putting into consideration; less request for documentations. I do not have any criminal records but I want to work in a place where so much documentations via CGFNS is not needed or least needed. I am hoping to write the NCLEX-RN as soon as i'm done schooling here. replies can be accommodated in my email. musaabdulmalik50@yahoo.com

thank you

Silverdragon102, BSN

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All states require CGFNS or some other accepted agency for reviewing your transcripts. Average processing time for all agencies appear to be 4-6 months before eligibility to sit NCLEX. You can not sit NCLEX until given ok from state board of nursing

Then you have to find employer willing to sponsor you and they are the ones that file for your immigrant visa. Depending on place of birth suggest checking out US Visa Bulletin for category EB3 as that is what nurses generally come under and if place of birth not mentioned in heading you will come under rest of world and if looking at current month will give you an idea on processing times. Once approved you will need medical and interview before arriving and working in the US. The process is not cheap or quick

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