Engineering to Nursing


I need help...Please reply....I am an international student and after completing my Bachelors, I came to U.S and I finished my M.S in Electrical Engineering..I am currently volunteering for a s/w company. I wanted to pursue a career in nursing...It is not related to my fieild in anyway...but I think it gives me a great pleasure to be able to help others than getting a high salary...My Visa expires on August 2011...So I am thinking of enrolling in a Associate Degree in Nursing and complete it before i go back home...What pre requisites are required? Will I be able to get admission into any school where I can finish the pre-requisites and enroll in ADN? Will it be hard to get admitted?? Please help me...I am confused...

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You really need to talk to your school to find out what your best route will be. At my College they let students with a previous Bachelors (I know I am spelling that wrong when talking about a degree) get put on the Wait list right away and let them work on their pre reqs while waiting. But all colleges are different.

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