Endorsement to PA from NJ- ugh.


hi all,

I am planning on moving to PA from NJ. I thought liscence by endorsement would be an easy thing-but it is so much harder than i thought. I have everything submitted and approved EXCEPT for my NJ College Transcripts. When i first submitted on 1/14 ...i got a letter 1/30/19 that my transcripts somehow did not get sent. i contacted the college and they contacted me back saying the transcripts were mailed 2/1/19. okay great....2 weeks later i call the PA BON to ask if they have recieved them and all i got was a rude lady saying she wasnt able to tell me that and when they recieved them they would be "uploaded on PALS" I explained nicely that I understand that but i have paid the money and the only thing stopping me from my lisence of endorsement is my transcripts and i want to make sure so i do not need to contact the school again...and she just said itll be uploaded and it can take many weeks.....now come today and i get another letter from PA BON saying the same thing that they didnt get the transcripts yet but it does take "weeks" for them to sort the documents and upload it......

did anyone else have this isssue?? and what should i do? im scared to wait and what if they lost the transcripts in the mail or something?? should i have the school resend it. Frustrating because i have done everything i have needed to and right now i am waiting on my college sending the transcprits and PA BON recieving it...

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Hi, I am applying for my PA license from NJ and had a question on how to do the NJ CHRC/Criminal History Record Check?

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I had a nightmare of an experience with the PABON trying to endorse my license from NC. It took me MONTHS to get the situation resolved, and my school transcripts were the issue as well. I had to make a call while on vacation in the Caribbean 5 days before I was due to start my new position in PA to explain my situation before I suddenly saw my permanent license posted the next day.