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endorsement from n-clex California to Missouri!!

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I've been eligible for california n-clex and plan to sit for the exam next January. I found that it take such a long time for the process if I apply for green card through California State Board.

I wonder if it would be possible to endorse to Missouri and apply green card through this state, instead? Do I need to take cgfns or do I have to work in California for 2 years before I can endorse to another state?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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You are in a pickle, as California will not endorse to another state until you actually have a California license in hand. Just because you pass NCLEX, it will not automatically give you a CA license, until you have a SSN# issued.

And you will not get 4h SSN# until after you have been petitioned by a hospital.

This is why I do not advise anyone to go for an inital licensure in California.

The green card is not done by the California Board of Nursing, it is done by the federal government. California will take approximately two years to get a green card.

You can apply to another Board of Nursing for licensure, then endorse to where ever you wish to go. One place that we recommend is NY, becasue they do not require CGFNS exam, and they will issue you a license without a SSN#.

Good luck........................ :)

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Hi Suzanne

Thanks a lot for your helpful information. Then I need to reconsider whether to go ahead with CA board or to apply for another state instead.

I've read many of your comments on this webboard and find them very useful and full of details. You are really an expert and very sweet!!

Take care...

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It takes 2 weeks to get a Missouri RN Licensure through endorsement,

and about 2 weeks for a temp license.

yes, Suzanne is a very nice person here to help others. I just want to say thanks through this chance to talk.

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