Endorsement back into CA as it pertains to international applicants


Just wanted to set the current situation straight: If one gets their RN license from any other State, it will not be accepted by the CA BON, if your original application or re-assesment of your application was rejected in the first place. Or if you didn't put your application to the CA BON first, but got your RN license from another state and then try to get into CA, it must still meet the same educationall background and requirements of the CA regulations.

I just got word that a batchmate friend from a previous year got her RN license from NY and was just denied into CA due to the same concurrency problem. There was another poster her who's friend go her license in FL, worked two years as an RN and was denied a CA license. Our friend that is now stuck in NY and her intentions were always to be with her family and friends in CA.

As some have suggested here, don't get your license in a state where you DON'T plan to live or work, it's a waste of time and your money. The job situation is very bad in NY as there have been several hospitals letting nurses go or some closing down or hiring their own new grads from school (but still even tough for those US grads as not enough openings).

Here's the information from the CA BON website: http://www.rn.ca.gov/pdfs/applicants/end-app.pdf

Pay close attention to the part for International Grads: you must submit the "Breakdown of Educational Program for International Nursing Program" form to your school with the "Request for Transcript" form. This is where the process of the application where it becomes the death of us all.

There are many other states out there, just can't count as CA being one now.


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I graduated 2007, I wonder if i have to go through the process of going back to school and complete units.

Have you known anyone who successfully got license by reciprocity or anyone who found a university so as to complete the deficient units?