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Endorsement AL to IL

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I hold a RN AL license. I have an unofficial job offer at a hospital in Illinois that is contingent upon getting my IL RN state license. Interview was aug22. AL does not participate in NURSEYS, and they said it takes 10-14 days to send verification of license(request made aug23). I thought I was waiting to get it sent to me(applicant) to put in packet as a whole. I was waiting on the director of nursing at my school to verify education as well/ I went in person finally since it was taking awhile. By this time, I was then that I made the call to AL & realized their process. So I sent the packet ASAP priority mail. IL said they received it sep 10 & that they are working on applications from aug8. Said it takes 6-8 weeks. It had already been 3 weeks, since I didn't realize the process. HR at IL had me tentatively scheduled for Oct.6th to start. I'm worried I will not get my license endorsed in IL in time & that they will need to offer it to a candidate that is able to start sooner. Do you think they will revoke the job offer if my endorsement takes too long? I'm eager & ready to begin work, but everything lingers on the paper trail. I've been looking for other jobs(just in case), but this is the one I want. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.