End of First Week!

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The first week is over. I've had SO MUCH anxiety over this week! I'm so glad it's over...and I'm happy about everything. I'm already 1/3 done with my math class(it's work at your own pace)! I have the COOLEST A&P prof, and my first nursing success class went really well. I know this is an easy 8 week session, but I'm pretty stoaked. My boss is not as thrilled, however. I'm only working 25-30 hours per week, so she's a bit moody with me. I start clinical foundations class in 8 weeks and I can't freaking wait. I'm in an ABSN program, so in two years I'll be done! I can't believe I started, I remember being accepted and thinking it was so far away. Now, I'm married and back in school! WAHOO! :D k, I'm done now, lol.

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