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I made it to the end of my first semester! I honestly didn't think I would at times. I am in an ADN program and they move so fast I thought my head would spin.

Finals are over now and grades have been posted and boy was I ever happy.

health concepts- A


and, drum roll please............

nursing - A WOW!!!!!!!!

only five people in our whole class got an A on their final grade. I jumped up and down and hugged everyone in my house. What a great birthday present too. Yesterday was my birthday!!!


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Congrats to you. It seems your hard work did pay off.

I just started my pre-requisites and I made an "A" in API. I was so excited as well.

Good luck to you!!



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congratulations! keep up the wonderful work.


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happy birthday and congratulations!~


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great job on your AP grade. I am glad you are getting those classes out of the way now. AP and Micro are not prerequisites so many of us older students are biting the big one and taking them as coreque's...AWWWW LOL

Good luck on every thing else you take!!

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