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Encouragement for the over 30 crowd


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Cause I have said bye to the 30's a while ago. . .

I knew my brain worked differently when I went back to school 20 years after my original ADN. Mainly, much slower processing. But I knew there were some things I was learning that I never would have grasped in my 20s.

Since I predict I won't finish my next degree until closer to 50, it's nice to have a basis for believing that some cognitive abilities are still going to peak for me (and others of us!)

First, the general media story about the research:

Incredible chart shows how intelligence changes as we age - Yahoo Finance

Next the link to the official abstract:

When Does Cognitive Functioning Peak? The Asynchronous Rise and Fall of Different Cognitive Abilities Across the Life Span

Sadly, my university doesn't provide full access to the article, yet anyway.