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EN Grad Selection Criteria response

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Hi All,

Could you please give me some insights on how to answer these selection criteria questions? Much appreciated. 

1.         Ability to demonstrate sound conflict resolution, negotiation and problem-solving skills

2.         Commitment to personal and professional development

3.         Demonstrated clinical knowledge and experience in the delivery of evidence-based nursing care within the practice setting

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Are you a credible source? Add your Credentials, Experience, etc.

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I recommend using the STAR set out for selection criteria

1. Discuss One (or a couple) incidents where you faced a conflict or issue & how you used conflict resolution, negotiation & problem-solving skills.

"I was caring for a patient who was refusing to take any medications. I asked the patient why and they said they didn't know what the pills were. I explained to the patient what each of the medications where and why the doctor's wanted them to take them. The patient was then happy to their medications as prescribed"

and so on ....

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